Pinnacle 242 FAQ

242 Slide FAQ.jpg

• Why are we moving to two different experiences on Sunday morning?

        There are a couple of reasons we are providing two separate experiences. One reason is that we want our community to worship and celebrate together, and with two identical services we essentially had two disconnected communities. With this new format on Sundays we can all be together to celebrate and worship together. A second reason is to better equip each person at Pinnacle to be and make disciples. The new 242 service is designed to lay a foundation for the practices of discipleship so we can all follow Jesus more effectively.

• What is 242?

    The new 242 service is a forty-five minute focused time of pure disciple training. Information, inspiration, and application are the goals. Teaching will focus on actual practices such as prayer and Bible study to name a a couple, and it will be followed by a time of application together.

• What are the new service times?

 242 will begin at 9:30am

The Community Celebration will begin at 10:45

• What happens between services?

    Between the services, from 10:15-10:45, the community will be together to enjoy breakfast and fellowship together, hanging out in the Meeting Place as a family.

• Which service should I attend? Why?

    You should attend both services! Each service will be unique, with 242 being pure discipleship and practice and the Community Celebration full of encouragement and building up through singing, ministering, and teaching.

• When is childcare provided? What           will it look like?

    At 9:30 a.m. our Nursery ages birth-3 years old will be available. A separate class for ages 4 years to 5th grade will also meet and use a video based curriculum.

    At 10:45a.m. the Nursery ages birth-3 years old will be available again. Ages 4 years to 5th grade will meet in the Refuge for our Pinnacle Kids Service.

    We ask that between the two components of Sunday morning, you pick your children up and let them enjoy breakfast and fellowship with the rest of the community. They can return to their respective areas before the Community Celebration at 10:45.

• What will youth look like with                 the new experiences?

    Our goal is to equip and minister to everyone at Pinnacle. Students are not a separate entity but are a part of the community. Students grades 6 and up are invited to join us for the 242 service. They will then participate in the singing part of our Community Celebration, and will leave for a focused discipleship time with Roelof, our youth minister, in the office.

• What opportunities do I have to minister? How do I minister?

    There are many opportunities to minister to our community on Sunday mornings as well as throughout the week. Please contact Tara at (806) 359-8687 ext.6 for questions and to find where you can minister.

• Which service should I invite someone to?

    The answer depends on what your friend is looking for. Our desire is to help everyone at Pinnacle grow as a follower of Jesus, so invite them to both! If they are new to church or to their faith journey, bring them at 10:15 to enjoy breakfast, meet our loving community, and be ministered to in the Community Celebration. 

• What happens when we move into             the new building?

    When we move into the new building these services and times will remain in place. All of this is part of Making Room in our hearts for more of God.

• How will we all fit into                               the Meeting Place?

    We will get cozy that’s for sure, but growing God’s kingdom is our goal! As the building begins to go up, we will simply take the growth as it comes and pray for patience and excitement as we prepare to move into the new facility at the end of 2018.